Sweep and Scan

Chimney Cleaning vacuum

Video scanning interior of chimney
Video scanning interior of chimney

The cleaning begins when the floor area is covered with our tarps to protect your carpet or flooring. The cleaning process includes wire brushing the chimney flue to remove the creosote build up. In a fireplace, we also brush the smoke chamber/smoke shelf area and the firebox. For a wood stove, we brush out the stovepipe and the stove, as well as the flue. To control dust while cleaning, we run a high powered vacuum, designed specifically for chimney cleaning. After the chimney is cleaned we video scan the chimney system.

In 1991 we started video scanning every chimney we clean. This was an eye-opening experience. Some chimneys that visually appear in good shape have major problems. Some chimneys that appear questionable are found to be in good condition. Without the video scan, your chimney lining system is a mystery at best. At the worst, dangers lurk, hidden from view. Click here to read more on Video scanning.

Zeb brushing chimney flue

Zeb brushing stainless steel lined chimney flue