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EverGuard™ Chase Covers

Does your home have a “rusting” chimney?

A rusting chimney means your home is unprotected! An EverGuard™ Chase Cover can help protect your home.

What is a chase cover?

It is a metal cover on top of a wooden or masonry chimney chase structure.

Why should I replace my chase cover?

If you think you are protected because you already have a galvanized chase cover – like hundreds of thousands across the country—be aware, it is rusting! The average life span of a galvanized chase cover is 7 years because of acid rain. By then, the galvanized product is leaking water and triggering unseen damage. It is also causing damage you can see! The aesthetic harm is those rust stains running down the side of your home causing it to look unsightly.

How does an EverGuard™ Chase Cover protect your home?
  • It protects from water soaking into porous bricks, eating away at mortar chimney tops and wooden chase structures. It also helps prevent destruction of your chimney, fireplace or heating appliance.
  • The chase cover aids in preventing moisture from saturating wall insulation and dampening sheet rock, helping to deter mold growth, foul odors, health problems to you and your family and expensive repairs.
  • An EverGuard™ chase cover will never rust; it will protect the beauty of your home.
EverGuard™ Chase Cover Benefits
  • * 100% Stainless Steel or Copper
  • * Custom made to fit YOUR home
  • * Welded and cross break seams give superior strength and protection

Chase Cover Forever Warrenty™

Limited Warranty Coverage

Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc warrants to you (the “purchaser”) that for the period set forth below, the Stainless Steel Chase Cover installed on a chimney or chase, shall be free from defects in material or manufacturer’s workmanship, and from rust and corrosion.

Warranty Period

The benefits of this warranty shall apply to you (the “purchaser”) FOREVER with no time limit, provided that you continue to own the property where the Stainless Steel Chase Cover is installed.

Claim Process and Limitations of Liability

You may make a claim under this warranty by contacting your local installer. Upon approval of your claim, Olympia Chimney Supply shall provide a new Stainless Steel Chase Cover to you as your exclusive remedy. Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc does not assume any liability or responsibility for faulty installation of the Stainless Steel Chase Cover. Damage to person or property is not covered in this warranty. Neither Olympia Chimney Supply nor the installer of the Stainless Steel Chase Cover shall be liable for any removal or installation charges or for any special, incidental, or consequential damages in any way related to, the Stainless Steel Chase Cover.