Smoktite smoke chamber restoration

We leave this page for informational purposes. We no longer offer these services.

The smoke chamber is widely recognized as the weakest link in the fireplace system. This commonly overlooked area often requires repairs to meet current standards and help prevent structure fires.

Smoktite seals cracks and crevices and reduces the corbelling. Smoktite is more than a restoration product, it is an enhancement! And Smoktite is economical.

Smoktite is a unique ceramic product that is sprayed in smoke chambers to seal holes and gaps. It creates a smooth, highly insulative coating that is impervious to acids, vapors, and water - and is good to 3000° Fahrenheit!

First the smoke chamber is thoroughly cleaned; then layers of Smoktite are sprayed over the surface to seal, smooth and insulate. Without removing the damper frame or adjacent brickwork, this weak link can be transformed into a safer transition to the flue and should last virtually forever!

Improve the operation of your fireplace and, more importantly, increase the safety of your home with protection from Smoktite.