Lyemance Dampers

Proven to Save Up to $200 in a single heating season! Up to 10 TIMES MORE EFFICIENT in preventing heat loss than a NEW Throat Damper.*

The Lyemance® Original Top Sealing Fireplace Damper reduces heat and air conditioning loss, and eliminates down drafts when fireplace is not in use. Seals out sleet and snow and rain. Keeps out birds, animals and debris. Reduces outside noise. Bracket is fastened to side of firebox wall The lid on the damper is spring loaded in the normally open position. It is shut by means of a stainless-steel cable that extends through the cable guide then down the flue to the firebox, where it is secured to a bracket fastened into a forward part of the side fireplace wall. The Lyemance® Original Damper is durably constructed of cast aluminum, so it won't rust or warp (unlike cast iron throat dampers), and fully guaranteed for material and workmanship.

* Based on an independent lab test.