About Us

Steve and Kathy Smitha started Top Hat Chimney Sweeps in Michigan City, Indiana in April of 1978 after reading about sweeping in "Mother Earth News" magazine. The business grew and over 30 years ago moved to Plymouth with the Smitha family. Over the years the Smithas have initiated innovative ideas into the business: "Sweep and Scan", including video scanning with chimney cleaning; stainless steel chimney relining; "Forward Scheduling", the process of making appointments for the following year; and maybe most importantly, "Sweep for Life", the idea of being the chimney sweep you trust and depend on for all your chimney safety needs.

Zeb (son) is in the business with plans of taking the reins in the future. No, Steve and Kathy are not retiring anytime soon but they do need to plan for the future. Zeb is bringing in new and fresh ideas. Services they have not been able to offer for a long time are in the works. Zeb was raised with Top Hat and has helped Steve off and on since he was a toddler. He spent 4 years in the U.S. Air Force and 2 years in the active reserve. He tried other jobs and has decided that Top Hat is the way he wants to go. Steve and Kathy will slowly allow Zeb to become more of the front person and they will go to advisory positions while still serving their regular customers.

       Zeb Smitha with his Top Hat Chimney Sweep truck 2009
Steve and Kathy Smitha at the start of Top Hat Chimney sweeps 1978

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